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Brand Ambassador and Communications


“You are a brand whether you like it or not…. How you dress, speak, walk and talk projects you as a Brand. You leave an impression in people’s minds [and] it’s your choice on how you want to be perceived. You are a Brand Ambassador for the organization you work for – whatever you do during and off working hours matters to your organization. You can actively manage that impression and project yourself positively.”

A strong brand and good communication is fundamental to success. Identify your unique brand and get guidelines that you build your identity. Learn how to be a Brand Ambassador for your company. Communicate and project yourself effectively

Organizations must grow Brand Ambassadors, grow employees who will stand and project the Brand in good light. There are several benefits to having a strong internal brand. A clear, compelling internal branding proposition provides direction and motivation to employees, partners and the public at large. Let your employees drive your brand and zero in on the “On-brand Strategy.”

Participants will learn not only how-to use social communication tools effectively, create content and build brand interest, but will also learn how to become socially minded.  

This training will cover the following topic:

  • Understanding your business
  • Defining the personality of your brand
  • Identifying your key messages and how to use them
  • Mapping how and where people experience your brand
  • Taking this work forward.
  • Understanding your objectives and audience
  • Identity and design
  • Social media and online presence
  • Marketing and collateral
  • Diplomacy and etiquette
  • Public relations and content management
  • Effective communication strategy.


Upon completion of the Brand Ambassador Training Program employees will be able to:

  • Understand the organization’s customers and how the organization strives to meet their needs/fulfill their wants;
  • Understand how to control negatives thoughts & emotions;
  • Learn how to solve problems with a creative approach;
  • Making actions more faster based on reality;
  • Learn how to build better, healthier relationships;
  • Learn how to build a more independent personality;
  • Learn how to establish your brand;
  • Learn how to build your audience;
  • Understand and be able to articulate the organization’s value proposition;
  • Describe the organization’s history, values, and goals;
  • Describe the organization’s products/services portfolio;
  • Describe the features and benefits of the organization’s products/services;
  • Understand the organizational structure, locations, and any partners;
  • Understand the organization’s main competitors;
  • Describe the key differentiators of the organization’s products/services from competitors;
  • Understand the basic market dynamics with the potential to impact the organization;
  • Know and share the organization’s positive stories;
  • Communicate key message/talking points; and
  • Enhance the customer experience by offering improved service and greater levels of connectivity.


  • Address unique challenges and work to solve them,
  • Build self-awareness and understand your life dimensions,
  • Become more optimistic and stop self-sabotaging behaviors,
  • Increase  social intelligence coping mechanisms,
  • Develop highly effective goal-setting and performance management,
  • Reduce  stress levels, for a better engagement and impact,
  • Make more confident decisions and be more accountable for their actions.
  • Improve personal peak performance.
  • Understand how to bring new possibilities, no matter what the challenges.
  • Become more confident, resilient, courageous and focused.


All front facing staff, Sales and marketing team members, Front Office Executives, Public Relations Staff, Communications Specialists, Individuals in positions that interface with the public, high ranking officers and staff who interact with the Brand of the organization. Any individuals who want to build their personal Brand and communication effectiveness.


10 % Discount on bookings and payment made 10 work days before the event date. Enroll 3 participants and get the 4th at 50% Discount.

FEES: K2, 500 Per delegate (inclusive of teas, lunch & certificate)

For more information, bookings and clarification, contact: Phone- 0211 295486, 0975 844051; Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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