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Financial Skills for Non Finance Leaders Master Class 2018 Zambia

15 - 16 March, 2018  |  Golden Peacock Hotel, Lusaka

Senior managers are often promoted for technical and operational excellence but, without a background in finance, they can find themselves reliant on finance managers and accountants when it comes to the numbers.

This training programme focuses on sound financial decision-making, evaluating investment proposals, making sense of financial reports and the essentials of budgeting and costing. You will gain the basic foundation in finance you need to become more effective in your role, enabling you to lead your organisation without fear of the numbers.


To raise the level of financial awareness of participants and enable them to use the financial information
provided to make better short-term or long-term decisions in managing their businesses.




• Understand key financial terms
• Make sense of financial reports
• Measure financial performance
• Understand core concepts for financing your business
• Undertake financial planning and budgeting
• Evaluate investment proposals




Every business decision made by managers across all functions has a financial impact. This training will help to verify that managers are competent in their understanding of good financial practices.




The following key themes are explored:


• Introduction to finance
• Financing the business
• Capital investment
• Measuring financial performance
• Financial planning and budgeting.
• Understand the language and basic concepts of finance
• Better understand the requirements of finance
• Apply financial concepts and methods to your own business decisions


Financial Accounting 


• Learn about accounting principles
• Apply those accounting principles to various exercises
• Learn about recognition of revenues and costs
• Construct a P&L and a balance sheet based on case study
• Learn about elements of a cash flow statement
• Construct cash-flow statement based on case study


Cash Operating Cycle


• Understand the cash operating cycle and what affects a company’s cash flow
• Manage the cash operating cycle


Financial Ratios and Analysis 


• Learn about financial ratios to measure profitability, liquidity and assets management
• Case study to analyse a business, including presentation of your findings


Working Capital and Asset Management 


• Understand the importance of working capital management
• Learn about methods to measure inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable
• Discuss various methods to reduce inventory
• Discuss various methods to reduce accounts receivable
• Discuss various methods to keep capital expenditure under control


Costing and Pricing 


• Learn about significance of various cost concepts and methods
• Distinguish between relevant and non-relevant costs for decision taking
• Case study to determine relevant costs for pricing
• Apply pricing strategies to case study
• Break even calculations
• Exercises to project costing and make or buy decisions
• Investment Appraisals 


Discuss types of investments


• Learn about various methods to determine the return of investment
• Discuss relevant costs for investment decisions
• Exercises to calculate Payback, NPV, IRR
• Discuss non-financial aspects of investment decisions


Profit versus Cash


• Understand the difference between the impact on profit and cash of typical transactions which companies undertake
• Be clear on why cash is king.




• Learn about the role of budgeting
• Discuss various budget approaches
• Exercises to budget variance analysis




Sales and marketing executives; Supply-stream professionals; Project professionals; Internal Auditors; Any non-financial professionals who are required to read, interpret, and contribute to business financial reports; Senior professionals of manufacturing, marketing, engineering; Human resources professionals; Legal professionals; Executive professionals who are involved with development of long-term customers, suppliers, outsourcing partners, and other global strategic alliances; Consultants who work with professionals and executives, to support improvements to operational and financial processes.


FEES: K2,999 Per delegate (inclusive of teas, lunch & certificate)


EARLY BIRD OFFER: Get 10 % Discount on bookings and payment made 10 work days before the event date. Enroll 3 participants and get the 4th at 50% Discount.

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