Understanding the Zambian Labour Laws and Termination of Contracts -Workshop, Zambia, 2019


20 – 21 June, 2019, Hilton Hotel, Lusaka – Zambia

Understanding the impact of labour laws to your business is critical. No HR Practitioner can work without understanding the implications of labour laws on the business and how to implement them. Termination of contracts demands that you give a reason, what are the implications to the organisation on giving reasons for every termination? What available alternatives do you have when terminating contracts of employment?

The Employment Code Bill was recently enacted into Law. This workshop will examine the recently enacted labour law and discuss its possible implications to you as an employer and to your organisation. The Labour Commissioner will be  in attendance.

Labour and employment laws give structure to the workplace and define responsibilities of parties involved.  How much do you know about the Zambian Labour laws?

This workshop will give you a full understanding of key labour legislation and how to effectively implement them.



At the end of this workshop participants will;

  • Understand clearly what the Zambia Labour Laws in general
  • Understand the implications of the labour laws on organisations
  • Learn the various forms of Contracts defined in the labour laws and how and when to use them
  • Learn the various ways available to terminate contracts of employment
  • Learn the various reasons you are to give when terminating contracts and avoid implicating yourself and your organisation
  • Be enlightened on the impact of the labour laws to the employer as well as the employee
  • Find out what steps to take to align your conditions and contracts of employment with the labour laws
  • Be enlightened on the contents of the proposed Employment Code Bill and potential implications for employers 



CEO’s, Directors, Line Managers, Expatriates, Non-HR-Managers, Supervisors at all levels, HR professionals, Heads of departments, Senior and Middle managers, Supervisors and/or any others individual involved in managing people, handling and maintaining discipline at a work place. Everyone in management.

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