Regulatory Inspection and Enforcement workshop-Zambia


9 -10 May, 2019 at Hilton Hotel, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA.

Effective Inspection and Enforcement are imperative ingredients for all Regulatory and Enforcement Institutions. In order to ensure compliance to existing governance structures, Regulatory Inspection and Compliance has become the number one business driver for every industry in this competitive economy.

Are you in a Regulatory and Enforcement institution, or are you required to comply with any regulation? Then this is your training.

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the key roles and responsibilities and other parameters for effective regulatory compliance, identify successful approaches to enforcement and compliance, whilst responding to concerns of the regulated and dealing with the challenges faced with enforcement. Attendees will be availed with comprehensive Enforcement and Compliance techniques and other set of tools for effective inspection, regulation, enforcement and compliance.

The training will focus on:

·        Basics of compliance laws and regulation governing the Regulatory Industry with a look at international regulatory standards

·        Understanding the components of regulated areas, the products and other services

·        Appreciation of how the inspection and enforcement must be done in organizations

·        Identify the required personnel, qualifications and training needs for Inspectors and Enforcement Officers

·        Discovering the analytical methods and tools of verification and validation

·        Discover techniques for effective Inspection, reporting and how to maintain compliance levels / standards.

·        Understand the various National Inspection and Enforcement Standards in relation to effective Inspection and Enforcement of related laws

·        Learn how to enhance the monitoring and assessment of data with greater focus on inspection

·        Acquire skills on how to effectively conduct inspections in service, manufacturing, mining, financial, trading, energy, health, transport, insurance and pension, communication and labour industries.

·        Learn how to conduct effective investigations on regulatory compliance

·        Appreciate the impact and consequences for failure to comply with and / or enforce regulatory laws and standards

·        Understand the various Zambian laws and regulatory framework for various industries

·        Understand and appreciate what is being regulated in various industries

·        Identify various analytical and reporting formats and techniques.


Inspectors, Enforcement and Regulatory Directors, Managers, Officers Supervisors, Auditors, Risk and Compliance Managers and those responsible for ensuring Compliance, inspections and enforcement operations for Service, Manufacturing, Mining, Financial, Banking, Trading, Energy, Health, Transport, Insurance & Pension, Communication and Labour Industries.


FEES: K3,500

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