Employee Engagement; Employee Opinion Surveys; Employee Value Proposition (EVP); Drafting / Revision of Conditions of Service; Salary Negotiations and Collective Bargaining .

Employee Engagement:

We provide new approaches on how to EFFECTIVELY engage and motivate employees. We use various techniques to drive positive work culture in organizations that eventually cultivate loyalty, innovation and above all exceptional performance.

Employee Opinion Surveys:

Simply know the body language of your own staff. Know what they think and say in the corridors. We conduct Engagement Surveys that gauge the organizational temperature. An engaged workforce is a productive one.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP):

This involves identifying the key value drivers that makes employees see the immediate value why they belong to that organisation and why they come for work day in and day out. EVP strives to bring out all such hidden benefits for the employees to recognize the total value (Total Cost to Company) the Employers pays for each employee.

Drafting / Revision of Conditions of Service:

This involves comparing your current conditions of service with your peers / competitors within the same industry / sector and using best practice and various channels to engage management and employees we draft conditions of service that are legally acceptable at the same time meet the Employers ability to pay while ensuring continued employee motivation and sustainability.

Salary Negotiations and Collective Bargaining:

This involves active engagement with the Union in following the Bargaining and negotiation techniques. Here Employers are advised and supported by our labour experts in leading and driving negotiations.

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