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Date: 30th April, 2020  |  Venue: Train-from-Home Online Facilities

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KSM MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS will be running a workshop on Payroll and Employment Practices in view of Corona Virus

Instead of sending your employees home – Let us Train them using various technology– Utilise this rare opportunity. 

We understand how unsettling these times are and that you may have questions about what as an Employer you can do in the wake of the Corona Virus. In considering the pandemic, KSM has seen this as that perfect opportunity to train and upskill your staff during this period as businesses are on go-slow. KSM has come up with innovative ways and preventative, health and safety measures that will enable us conduct training programmes during this period: This is how KSM will offer continued corporate training during the pandemic;

  • Digital Platform Support: KSM will be providing live streaming for this and other training programmes using the following online platforms so you can log in and follow all training proceedings from the comfort and safety of your own office or home: Zoom Meeting facility, Skype, Telegramme, etc.
  • Face-to-face Option: Should you wish to engage with KSM in person during the training session, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0955750070 / 0964514721 to make special arrangments. KSM will make it an absolute priority to abide by health and safety measures in this case, including special social distancing arrangments, sanitation provisions, and creating a healthy environment through protective spray.


Does today’s pandemic crisis have you worried about your payroll? Will you have enough cash flow to pay salaries, facilities, and other expenses in a few weeks time?

We know how unpredictable this time can be. Because we want your business to emerge stronger on the other side of this crisis, KSM invites you to training to help you manage your payroll and HR / Employment practices in the face of corona virus. The course will delve into how to plan the work productivity of your staff from home or the office, how to handle payroll month by month, and how to assess the impact of coronavirus on employment in the next 6 months to 1 year and explore solutions for employers.

In today’s business environment in general, organisations are also focusing on how to manage your employees in during this crisis whilst keeping the wage bill flat or lower – and whilst managing a crisis like the current pandemic. The concept of doing more with less can be realized when you effectively implement reward strategies that seek to effectively manage employees whilst keeping a statutory and administrative eye on payroll processing. How prepared are you in terms of PEOPLE MANAGEMENT in times of CRISIS? What is responsiveness to People Risk in times of crisis?


After the training, participants will: 

  • Have a strategy for managing people and payroll month by month in time of crisis and continue to work productivly either from home or office.
  • Understand how to assess the impact of corona virus on People Management in the next 6 months to 1 year and have a payroll and Employment plan that will properly ensure your company as a going concern after the pandemic.
  • Understand what Labour laws and / or government legislation interventions are in place to manage people and organisations in this time of Crisis. 
  • Understand how to effectively manage payroll administration and the various concepts during this period.
  • Learn key methods other countries have adopted in effectively running and managing payroll and the people agenda in this time of crisis.
  • Understand the legislation provisions, if any, that should kick in in times of crisis.
  • Understand your expected actions in relation to signed Employment Contracts. What must you do as an Employer in this crisis.
  • What payroll administration OPTIONS are available to you in view of the crisis.
  • Understand Contracts of employment and how to implement the contents therein in view of the May Day dealine of the Employment Code Act No.3 of 2019. 
  • Being aware of the rights of employers vis-a-vis employees in times of Crisis. 
  • Be ready and prepared to manage a protracted crisis during the low down.


Management staff, Decision Makers, Employers, SME Proprieters, HR Admin Personnel, Administrative and Management Staff, Operations Managers, Compensation and benefits staff, HR Managers and Generalists, HR Practitioners, Senior managers who make payroll and People Management Decisions, Risk Personnel and anyone interested in strategic and business Continuity planning and mitigating. 


  • For reservations, inquiries and /or requests for Course Content contact:  Phone-  0964514721 / 0764241837 / 0955750070 / 0961468239 / 0211 295486 or Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • EARLY BIRD OFFER: 10% Discount on bookings and payment made Three (3) business days before the training date.  
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  • FEES: One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Kwacha (K1,950) only Inclusive of Tax, course materials and certificate.
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Dr. Kelvin Moyo Sokuni, 

CEO and Founder - KSM Management Consultants – Zambia

With over 22 years work experience in senior strategic HR management roles, Dr. Kelvin Moyo Sokuni was recognized and honoured as an Ambassador of Peace by the governing body of the Interfaith Peace-building Initiative and the Committee Leaders of the Golden Rule International for being a pioneer in providing corporate training to organizations and uplifting the standards and skills of people in society, for being SELFLESS in providing assistance to many and for being a leader in various institutions including the Church and many other institutions where he has been appointed as Board member.  His work precedes him. This same Award has been conferred on more than 14 Presidents including Dr. Kenneth Kaunda the 1st Republican President of Zambia

Dr. Sokuni is a Fellow of ZIHRM, an accomplished and solid HR Practitioner who has previously worked for Zambia Revenue Authority in various HR Portfolios, he worked as Head of HR for Telecel (MTN) Zambia, Dunavant - Zambia Ltd as Head of HR and as Director Human Resource for Barclays Bank Zambia Plc. A holder of a PhD, Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor Degree of Business Administration, Diploma in Human Resource Management and various management qualifications. Dr. Sokuni currently owns and runs three (3) companies under the umbrella of KSM GROUP. He is an accomplished ENTREPRENUER, founder and CEO of KSM MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS LTD – An HR Solutions Provider, FAST DEBT MANAGERS LTD – A Debt Management Firm and JALITHS PROPERTIES LTD – A property management firm. Dr. Sokuni is an effective Entrepreneur who brings with him a solid wealth of experience in HR Management, Organisational Effectiveness, Performance Management, Corporate Team Building Facilitator and is effective in handling complex Union negotiations. Dr. Sokuni is a sought after speaker at various conferences and fora.

Bookings and Contact

Phone-  0764241837 / 0955750070 / 0961468239 / 0211 295486 or Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telegram: stephaniearneson and Skype: steph.arneson  




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